Implementation of the SDGs

Implementation of the SDGs

SDGs is the acronym for ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. Adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, the SDGs are intended to be achieved by 193 member states by the Year 2030 as an international goal for a more sustainable world. Consisted of 17 goals and 169 targets, the 2030 Agenda pledged to ‘leave no one behind’.

At Tomoya Residence Hotel Kyoto Nijo Takakura, we fully support the SDGs and strive to contribute to realising a sustainable community/region from the historic town of Kyoto.

< Sustainability Practices Concerning the Environment & Safety >

  • No refill of toilet paper rolls unless they are completely used up
  • Reducing the use of plastic bags and straws
  • Designating all guest rooms as non-smoking areas
  • Encouraging guests to opt for eco-friendly housekeeping
  • Reducing food waste, i.e., serving breakfasts to guest rooms in individual portions in lieu of buffets (all-you-can-eat)
  • Sorting and recycling of waste
  • Adopting universal designs on the premise to enhance accessibility to all
  • Digitalisation of paper documents 
  • Prioritising the use of LED light source
  • Minimising employees’ use of the lift
  • Ensuring food safety and quality of ingredients 
  • Fire drills & evacuation training at the workplace (twice a year)
  • Strict measures for preventing the spread of Covid
  • Wheelchair rental service 
Sustainability Practices Concerning the Environment & Safety

< Sustainability Practices for a Convivial Community >

  • Actively participating in events organised by the neighbourhood association and the local community
  • Employing personnel capable of conveying the charm of Kyoto and Japan
  • Encouraging employees to sit for the Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification Test (colloquially known as the ‘Kyoto Expert Certification’)
  • Prioritising the use of made-in-Kyoto amenity goods and interior design products
  • Collaborating with local guides, cultural facilities and eateries in promoting the charm of Kyoto
Sustainability Practices for a Convivial Community

< Sustainability Practices for a Friendlier Workplace >

  • Equal employment opportunities for all genders
  • Employment of non-Japanese nationals 
  • Strengthening the health management system for employees
  • Introducing the parental leave system
  • Promoting female employees to managerial positions
  • Embracing remote working 
  • Educating employees on regulatory compliance 
Sustainability Practices for a Convivial Community

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